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SBVRSL is a production company with a deeper perspective. We aren’t afraid to be sexy and we don’t shy away from what’s trending. But we do pick up on the intelligence and complexity that other media outlets miss. Our productions share the positive power of hip hop culture and its related genres and speak to an audience looking to integrate their love of the music with their identity in a revolutionary movement.

More than just creating static pieces, we are cultivating an empowered community of music lovers, deep thinkers and freedom fighters. With artist partners and a native iOS app for life-changing artist-fan discussions, SBVRSL is harnessing music as a way to shift our reality. Beyond just articles and videos, we are curating meaningful conversations between artists and fans to create the interactive content of the future.

Our Original Video Productions

free thot


The free THOT series on hip hop, sex positivty, and intersectionality was recently featured by Amber Rose’s OPENed Women’s Conference in Los Angeles and Pandora Women in Oakland.

Retro microphone on stage in restaurant. Blurred background

One Mic

The One Mic performance series features artists in their element. Great talent and unique locations reveal intimate artist moments and capture some of the best music out right now.


The Eleventh Hour

Pep Love shares the stories of urban cultural centers, as told by unsung heroes of their region. The challenges of our moment in time are many, but music can make a difference.

kendrick car

State of the Culture

State of the Culture news briefs give real information about the cultural movements that are paving the way to a brighter future.