It’s not often two rappers release their solo albums as a group effort, but on September 23, 2003, OutKast did just that. On Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, with two of the biggest hits of their career (“The Way You Move” and “Hey Ya”), ‘Kast was able to surpass the diamond selling mark in the United States to earn the title for best-selling rap album of all time.

Speakerboxxx, being Big Boi’s “half” of the album, featured the jedi-style rhyming he’s known for. Andre 3000 joined in on four of the tracks with vocals and/or production, which kept the OutKast vibe strong. In contrast, Dre’s The Love Below wasn’t nearly as “hip-hop,” at least in the way people expected it to sound in 2003. But it was clearly setting a new standard for the genre: with only four rap verses (one of them from Big Boi), The Love Below set the precedent for artists like Drake and Kid Cudi to create a game-changing hip-hop sound based on singing and harmonizing.

Around the time of the album’s release, there was speculation that the OutKast legacy was ending, but Stacks and Hot Tub Tony reassured fans and critics that they weren’t going anywhere. Thirteen years later, they’ve stayed true to this promise, uniting with the entire Dungeon Family in Atlanta just weeks ago to perform together at ONE Musicfest. Watch exclusive footage from their amazing performance below: