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a media & production company on a mission


are a media and production company with a deeper perspective. We aren’t afraid to be sexy and we don’t shy away from what’s trending. But we do pick up on the intelligence and complexity that others miss. Our productions share the positive power of hip hop culture and its related genres and speak to an audience looking to integrate their love of the music with their identity in a revolutionary movement.

More than just creating static pieces, we are cultivating an empowered community of music lovers, deep thinkers and freedom fighters. With artist partners and a prototype iOS app for life-changing artist-fan discussions, SBVRSL is bringing the most nurturing parts of hip hop and soul music culture into the lives of millenial fans.


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Haylee White

Creativist—Machi Ma in training— I love being a part of this magical un-traditional shift of the once unspoken & stay spreading love in every damn thing!

File_000 (9)

Adria Bani

I write, I organize, I dance, I BUILD. Producer of Free THOT and the 30 Day Racism Cleanse.

Socially Flyy

Charlese Banks

Bay Area native. Socialite. Tastemaker. Music Maven. Lover of all things #Flyy

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Chaya Bee

Chaya Bee

I enjoy language in all its forms. My vices are good food, good weed, good people and booty bouncing to good beats. Not necessarily in that order.


Jerome Palencia

I make dope shit. See more at

Dorian Roberts

I live in Cleveland. I fell in love with beats while still in the womb. And I believe the world needs more music and laughter.

We are a majority POC, majority women-owned organization with specialists in writing, photography, film production, event production, design, marketing, and more.

Partners and Clients

Original Videos

free thot

Free Thot

The Free THOT series on hip hop, sex positivty, and intersectionality was recently featured by Amber Rose’s OPENed Women’s Conference in Los Angeles and Pandora Women in Oakland.

State of the Culture

State of the Culture tells the stories of hip hop helping the world be a better place. From fundraisers, to community gardens, to education, the hip hop community gives back far more than it gets credit for.

One Mic

One Mic takes you deeper than anything you’ve seen before into an artist’s world, their city, their creative process, and what makes them who they are. One purpose, one life, One Mic.