A couple of years ago, on headland and delowe, was the start of something good…

On March 22nd Netflix released the hip-hopumentary The Art of Organized Noize. The film journeys through the careers of Rico Wade, Ray Murray and Patrick “Sleepy” Brown, collectively known as production crew Organized Noize (ONP). Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, ONP had an early 90s sound distinct from other Atlantan producers, like Jermaine Dupri and Dallas Austin. ONP wasn’t afraid to be different, and it jump-started the unique careers of OutKast, Goodie Mob and other Atlanta-area artists.

In addition to being at the helm of the Dungeon Family projects, Organized Noize produced hit singles in a wide range of styles, including Mista’s “Blackberry Molasses,” En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go,” and TLC’s “Waterfalls,” (which helped TLC’s CrazySexyCool album reach a staggering $11 million in sales). Organized Noize producers are the unsung pioneers of Atlanta hip-hop, and their influence and legacy comes through beautifully in “The Art.” Don’t miss it.